cutting edge stuff

Our (literally!) cutting edge technology allows us to make signs out of anything. Here’s some examples of the brilliant and crazy things we can do:

The latest arrival in our workshops is the CNC (computer Numerically controlled) Router. With a 3 Metre by 2 Metre flat vacuum bed, it is a custom made machine to allow us to accept the largest format plastic sheets currently available in the UK.

This gives us both an advantage with respect to yield from a sheet, but also allows us to create unjoined finished product up to the full bed size.

With a dust extraction system (not in the photograph), it also allows quick turn around between one job and the

next, as the cleaning time is significantly reduced.

The spindle on this machine is adjustable from 0 to 24,000 RPM.

A highly accurate machine, with a repetition tolerance of 0.05mm, it allows us to undertake engineering work previously impossible for us.

We can accept virtually all file formats, most customers provide in PDF, DXF, AI, EPS artwork. We are quite happy to create designs in house from as little as a rough sketch or a brief description.